Live-in care, the alternative to a care home

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is provided by carefully selected and trained personal assistants (PAs) or care assistants who live-in with you and are on-hand throughout the day, giving you the added reassurance of round-the-clock support. PAs and care assistants are overseen by our nursing team who regularly monitor and review the care provision.

Live-in care can be particularly beneficial for people who have a physical disability or an injury such as a spinal cord injury for which they need care or support or those who are recovering from an illness.

You may already have visits or 1hr calls in place at fixed times during the day, however if the support required is not at predictable times, these calls may not be working for you and in these circumstances live-in care may be a good solution.


How is it organised?

One of our highly professional nursing team will come to meet with the person requiring care and those involved to answer any questions and to complete a care assessment. This can be conducted at home while the person is in a hospital for example. Your care assistant or PA stays with you for an agreed period generally between 1-4 weeks and then hands over to another care assistant or PA from your team. PAs and care assistants are able to provide support for a range of conditions such as spinal cord injuries, dementia, acquired brain injuries and many others under the guidance of our experienced specialist nursing team.

This care assessment will then be used to complete the personalised and bespoke care and support plan which will outline the care requirements, and the daily routine for the PA or care assistant to follow. From mobility support, personal care, bowel & continence management through to medication administration and nutrition & hydration support, the care provided is bespoke and fully adaptable around your needs and desired outcomes. Care assistants and PAs can help to maintain your home with housekeeping, cleaning, laundry and shopping and we recognise the importance of matching staff to you so you feel comfortable chatting and spending time together.

We are here to talk you through the process of how Paragon Home Healthcare can support you with live-in care. Do contact us and we will be happy to help.

Regular care assistants and smooth handover

We build your care assistant team around you, so you have a regular team. When it is time to change your PA or care assistant a handover is provided so the staff are apprised and prepared. We are dedicated to causing as little disruption as possible during changeover of staff.

Costs and funding

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Sickness Cover

So you can always rely on our support, on the rare occasion PAs or care assistants are unwell we will provide you with an alternative trained care assistant who is prepared and has an understanding of your needs.

We are not an agency

Our PAs and care assistants are fully employed by Paragon Home Healthcare and benefit from our continuing professional development and support, enabling them to provide the highest standards of care.

Unlike staffing agencies or introductory agencies Paragon Home Healthcare organises and takes care of everything such as insurance, payroll, training, regulatory compliance and ongoing professional development.

Our nursing and governance framework ensures the delivery of training, ongoing supervision and professional development enabling care assistants and PAs to operate safely and to the highest possible standards.

Quality assurance and Governance systems

We are committed to ensuring you receive the best possible service and have systems and processes in place to help us achieve this.

Our team use our smart and innovative care and monitoring systems to coordinate your care streamlining paperwork and reducing unnecessary administration.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and have strict procedures in place which are regularly checked by our specialist teams.


Your care assistant will need a bedroom available to them due to the nature of live-in care work. Care assistants will also need break times and we will build these into the work schedule.

Live-in care is suitable for people who might need care, support or companionship throughout the day and who generally sleep overnight. If PAs or care assistants are required regularly overnight live-in care may not be suitable and if this is the case our nursing team will discuss suitable alternative options with you.

Next steps

If this is something you would like to discuss with us further, one of our highly professional nursing team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Once the initial care needs assessment has been completed, the requirements in the care assessment will also be used to help inform the selection of the care assistants. Once everything is agreed we will offer you a selected team of care assistants to meet those requirements.

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